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A veritable Roman forum of professional conversation, LinkedIn is the place where business happens online. Whether you’re recruiting talent, making connections, or sourcing leads for your company, there’s no better place to spend your energy. LinkedIn touts more than 1 billion users across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide; with the right strategy, you can reach your target audience wherever they are without spending a dime on promotion.

LinkedIn Content Deliverables

Deliverables for your LinkedIn can be split into strategic and creative categories. If you need a hand with your strategy, we suggest that you commission this before moving forward with producing any content. Creative deliverables are sequestered by post type, and different freelancers should be hired for written, visual, and video content.


Project Scope for LinkedIn Content

Once you have your LinkedIn strategy on hand, engage a freelancer to produce a short run of content as a trial project. Depending on your approach, this could be a post, a video, or an article. After briefing the content creator on your company and the deliverable, assign a reasonable due date and a posting date. You should then judge their suitability as a long-term member of your team based on the quality of the content and a KPI for the post that you select. If your first pick doesn’t hit the mark, repeat this process until you’ve found a ghostwriter or videographer that meets your expectations.

LinkedIn Content Budget

Good content creators can radically transform the top of your marketing funnel, but can be hard to come by. We’ve identified thousands of freelancers with experience writing and producing content for LinkedIn, ranging from one-offs to discrete campaigns to months of daily posts. We suggest paying per post to tie your costs to the activity on your content calendar.

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