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Hiring for TikTok Content

TikTok is the hottest social media in America. For reaching Gen Z, it's the cornerstone of your strategy. Continually producing high-engagement content is the best way to grow your following on the video scrolling app. By varying the length of your brand's videos, the talent on screen, and the approach of the content are all essential in expanding your reach among your target audience.

TikTok Content Deliverables

Depending on your content calendar, you could be commissioning anywhere between one and a dozen videos per week.


Project Scope for TikTok Content

While assigning deliverables to a freelancer for a TikTok content creation project, it's important to bring the freelancer up to speed on how you work. This includes everything from deadlines, to the method of delivery, to brand voice and image standards. Once they've been given a thorough introduction, you should assign the deliverables with clear deadlines chosen well before the videos should be posted; always leave room for last-minute changes.

TikTok Content Budget

$25-100 per video

While most TikToks are roughly the same length, the amount of time that goes into filming them can vary widely; we suggest you talk over your concepts with the freelancer and agree on an hourly rate that strikes a balance between the quality of content you expect, the amount of content you intend to create, and the talent's experience.

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