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Hiring for Website Design

Often your first impression to a prospective customer, a well-designed and functioning website is the cornerstone of your company’s presence on the internet. Popular sites these days are built with Squarespace, Wix, or Webflow to maximize your ability to update and modify the content of the site, and skilled freelancers are fluent in the platform(s) of their choice. Custom websites built with front-end libraries like React are also popular, but harder to produce and tend to require the original developer to update content. Regardless of the direction you choose, finding the right person or team to build your website is an incredibly important decision.

Website Design Deliverables

Building a website requires strategic thinking, design skills, and technical knowhow. For simpler projects, a single freelancer can handle all three, but more complex sites should be built by a team of experts.


Project Scope for Website Design

First, determine what your website needs to do. If it’s purely a way to establish your business and drive calls, you don’t need as big of a site as you would for an ecommerce platform or a SaaS tool. Next, outline the pages you need and start to write copy — if you’d rather outsource this, website copywriting is another great use for a freelancer. Once your outline has been completed, talk to a number of freelancers or agencies who specialize in web design, and select one to move forward with. After providing a deadline and negotiating a contract, you should expect them to deliver a completed site which can be published to the world wide web.

Website Design Budget

As websites differ in scale and complexity, quotes for cost will depend heavily on your needs. We suggest that you approach a number of web designers and developers with a scope of work and compare their quotes, both for time and cost, to determine your overall budget.

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